Saturday, February 23, 2013

Good Reads

So, I have been recording the books that I have read on Good Reads since January 1, 2008, over five years!

Here is my thought. I have been thinking that I want to put in some books I read before then. Many people do this; it is really sort of what the site is set up to do. So far, I have not put in book that I read before January 1, 2008, unless I reread them since then.

I have problems with this thought. I think the biggest one is that I would like to reread some of these books, and I think that I can't both have them on a "read" shelf and a "to read" shelf.

That last thought just sent me to explore the site some more, and while yes, I can't put books on both of those shelves, I can create another exclusive shelf called, read want to read again. This is not a perfect option, but I do think it is the one that I am going to do.