Saturday, October 6, 2012

TV and Us

We don't have any real TV reception here. We live in the country, and we don't have an antenna so we don't get local reception. We don't have cable or satellite TV. We don't have any of the various forms of internet TV hooked up to our television. We do have a DVD player, and we do occasionally get Netflix streaming but we aren't getting it at the moment and haven't for several months.

Sometimes I have a sort of culture shock when I realize that other people regularly watch TV. It is just so far outside of what we do. Matter of fact, when we are at someone else's house and the TV is on, we find ourselves enjoying the commercials simply because we have not seen them before.

We do watch some television programs directly over the internet through various channels or on DVD. Currently Diana and I are working through Big Love on DVD from the library. Diana, Josie, and Lia watch Glee together online whenever a new episode comes out. JoAnn and Lia watch new episodes of Project Runway and America's Next Top Model when they are available online. Lia follows Jersey Shore and Extreme Makeover Home Edition online. Antonio is currently following Gravity Falls and Sword Art Online. We also make a special trip for Diana to watch the latest Dr. Who episode on DVR at Emma's house with Esme after it airs.

We have regularly watched other showing in the past. We are not in anyway opposed to TV. Ant is always watching documentaries online. It just is funny to me that it isn't something that is happening here everyday.

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BunnyKissd said...

And if My Little Pony EVER comes back on, we'll watch that online too. And I just caught up with the Big Bang Theory, and I'm loving the UK version of Being Human... ^-^