Sunday, September 16, 2012

Busy Saturday

We (as in Diana and Josie and Lia and I) went to the Central New York Pagan Pride Festival this weekend in Longbranch Park. It was the same as usual. I was pleasantly surprised that the workshops were better than they sounded in the descriptions. I think some presenters might need to hire a copywriter, and I happen to know an excellent one! I made a super delicious salad thing with turkey and celery and apples and grapes and walnuts and salt and mayonnaise, but it had a lot of calories so I had to sort of limit my eating the rest of the day.

After the Pagan Fest, we met some people we hadn't met in the outerweb yet for a potluck, which was actually really nice because the hostess really made a whole meal, and we just brought snacks and dessert. There was one other guest and the family that lived there.  They had two sons (maybe 10 and 11 or so) and a daughter (maybe 4). Josie and Lia played Magic the Gathering with the boys and really seemed to have fun. There was good music and games, not so much conversation, but we are the kind of family who needs to meet with people many times before the conversation flows.

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