Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Passions

Things are busy here at Faerie Gardens. Although you can't necessarily tell it from the weather, we can all smell spring in the air!

I have been returning to my regular walks. I haven't taken a long walk yet, but I am going to soon! My next goal is to walk to the Super Wal-mart in Granby. It is about 4.5 miles from here. I will just go one way, calling Diana to pick me up when I get there. It will be my first really challenging walk, and I am excited to see how I do! I am also increasing my knowledge of ASL. I have some hearing loss, and as I get older, I worry about more. Having another way to communicate with people can only be an asset. Lia, Jo, and Es are learning too although at a slower rate.

Diana has been working a lot on her art and on Faerie Garden Fancies. She is eager to spend more time outside but is also not willing to until the weather is a bit better. I hope that is soon!

Ant as always is being a Renaissance man. His knowledge in so many different areas grows by leaps and bounds every day. I love how eclectic his conversation starters are. Today it was, "Mom, in the Googleplex..." I never know what he might be about to say when he comes out of his room to talk to me! In addition to his knowledge gathering, he has been crafting. His current project is making wrist straps and charms for hand held gaming systems. He is hoping to sell some of these when we go to the Shine Conference in June. Like Diana, he is eager for warmer weather so that he can be active out-of-doors more frequently!

Esme just spent a week in Wisconsin with her friend Allie! This trip which has been in the planning for over three years was a huge success! Not only did Es enjoy taking the train there and back (a 13 hour trip each way), she had a great time with Allie and got to meet a lot of Allie's friends. (I think they had sleep overs nearly every night!) She got to see some of Chicago and enjoy multiple trips to the mall, and eat lots of pancakes and poptarts.

Josie has been plagued with illness the past 6 weeks or so and is struggling to get healthy. This is giving the girls some set back with their dance practices for Shine. She is slowly but surely getting better but still spends a lot of time lying in bed reading or relaxing in a cozy chair and writing long stories on the computer. At her high energy times, she is often found in the kitchen cooking, her passion of the moment.

Lia is still a bundle of energy. She has recently taken up gymnastics, Arabic bellydance, and yoga. Sometimes she instructs her sisters in these activities, and she also makes a lot of videos. She still loves painting and sewing, and is always looking for new sewing projects. She is going to make herself a dress for the Shine dance, but she is trying to wait until it gets closer because she is worried her size might change. She also has a new interest in mathematics and is using Khan Academy and me as resources to learn some new things in that area.

The girls are already spending a lot more time outside, which is good for all of us who find the long winters a little wearing in this tiny trailer!