Friday, July 24, 2009

New Fun!

Lia and Esme have recently taken up watercolor painting. Esme is glad to add another medium to her artistic endeavors and is pleased how her watercolor pieces have come out. Lia has been doing a lot of paintings on a large scale and gifting us all. She has also been using poster paints in conjunction with stamps to make designs and cards.

Esme sold some things and used the profits to buy a Pullip doll which she has named Giselle Xander Shelle. Ultimately she wants to add an obitsu body and new eyes and move into doing doll customization and picture stories.

Antonio has been going through bursts of high energy activity coupled with, to be expected, quiet and tired times. He has declared that he wants to know everything (he takes after me), and considering the new tidbits of info that he shares with us every day, he is well on his way to getting there. He has had an increasing interest in cars which has led to more of an interest in cars in Jo and myself. We have had lots of family convos about various automobile related things. Mabinogi is his MMO of choice at the moment.

On the book front, Diana, Es, Jo, and I have all enjoyed Bad Kitty and the follow up Kitty Kitty. Those books are so hilarious! We are looking forward to another one being added to the series soon.

The wii is still a big thing, but it seems to have taken on a different role in our life. It is now something someone turns to when they can't think of anything else to do. Sort of a last choice. Antonio also uses it to placate Lia when she is antsy. If she is having trouble being herself and eleven, Ant will notice and ask her to play wii, and it often gets her past a bad mood time.

Oh! I almost forgot that we seem to have entered another sewing cycle. It started with Zelly (Es's pullip.) In order to afford her, Esme had to do a share which basically means that someone else paid half the price for the doll in exchange for Esme sending her Zelly's clothes. So of course, Esme had to sew some new clothes for her. This led to all the girls sewing, and they have been sewing a couple of times a week ever since.

Also, the kids were gifted with SIMS2 for the computer from their big sis Em, and they have all been playing that but especially JoAnn and Lia!

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