Monday, June 1, 2009

Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2009

As most of you know, we are a two mommy family.  It has been a busy weekend in a busy month, and today is a busy day, but Diana and I thought it was important that we do a post in honor of Blogging for LGBT Families Day.  Since she is working outside the home today, and I am not, I have the honor of writing about our family.

When I met Diana in 2003, I was the single parent of five kids, Emma 15, Ant 11, Esme 9, Josie 7, and Lia 5.  Were the kids in any way a hindrance to our relationship?  Well, Diana had been trying to conceive for several years without success, and I couldn't help worry that she would be both overwhelmed and saddened by my large family.  The kids' reactions varied.  Some were very, very supportive.  (It is wonderful to see your mom happy!)  Others were surprised, but none were negative, and as our relationship progressed, with the exception of my oldest daughter who wanted to remain in the same city/neighborhood that she had grown up in, we all decided to move in together and become a family.

Adding five new people to your family is not that easy!  Diana was an only child with no cousins close to her age.  She was not use to having a lot of kids around.  She was use to privacy, peace and quiet, and having a lot of control!  Well anyone with a big family knows that privacy, and peace and quiet can be in short supply.  Also, it tends to work best if you learn to let go of trying to control too many things and trust instead.

We worked it out though.  We did our best to listen to and learn from each other.  We have tried to honor each others' needs as we grow together.  Diana now loves her "gift children" very much! 

At this point, it seems more that this is an entry about blended families than about GLBT families.  But you know what?  That is because as GLBT family is just a family!  I don't feel like we are any different from other families.  Each family is formed in its own way!  The members of our family all love each other.  We work together for common goals, and we strive to help each other to meet our own individual goals.  We strive to live consensually.  We aren't perfect.  We sometimes argue.  We all sometimes make mistakes.  In general though, it works, and we are all better together than we would be individually.

Remember, a family is a family.  Ours isn't better or worse than anyone else's simply because it is led by two women instead of a woman and a man.

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Kali said...

You're right. A family is a family is a family. I love knowing both of you online and getting a glimpse of your wonderful family!