Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Do They Do?

I get this question a lot.  I hate to pigeonhole my kids.  Each one of them has diverse interests and participates in diverse activities.  On the other hand, when I think about it, I do know what they do at least for now.  For who knows, what they might be doing a year from now or five or ten.  People change and grow and just get sick of one thing and move onto something else.  It is the way it usually is and is good!

What does Antonio do?  We invents things and makes things and improves things.  I suppose he is an engineer.  He also programs and plays video games.  He excels at pixel art which he uses while developing video games.  He also studies and learns things in pursuit of knowing everything.  (He takes after his momma there.)  He freeruns.  His hobbies are drawing, writing fanfic, reading manga, and hiking/tree-climbing/nature study.

Esme is first and foremost a writer and drawer.  That is where most of her time and energy is invested.  She also socializes regularly online not only IM'ing with her four best friends, (they call themselves the Elite Five,) but also participating in diverse forums that are of interest to her as an active member and in some cases moderator.  Her hobbies are rollerblading, reading, doll collecting, and sculpting.

JoAnn spends a lot of time reading and cooking.  She reads more books, both novels and nonfiction, than anyone else in the house.  She loves discussing what she reads and is the one to go to if you want a book suggestion.  All of her reading has led to many interests, the strongest being all things Abraham Lincoln and all things India.  She loves to cook and make complicated recipes from scratch.  She is a loner in this (liking the solitude of being the only one in the kitchen), and I am happy to have her on board as family cook because cooking is not my favorite activity.  JoAnn's hobbies are drawing, graphic design, and doll collecting.  She also socializes online but not to the extent that Esme does.

Lia is a social butterfly.  When she isn't playing with her siblings, she is actively involved with Diana or myself or over at one of her many friends houses.  Lia loves to sing and dance.  She also takes photos and videos.  Her hobbies are science (fun experiments and anatomy), reading, and drawing. 

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