Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I haven't been updating here regularly (obviously!) but we have been busy living and learning this winter. I thought today I would post some things that I am thankful for at the moment.

*I am thankful that we had two relatively warm days this week! The snow level is down, and it was a nice break in the harsh weather.

*I am thankful that my son Antonio has grown into such a strong, supportive, sensitive young man. I am so glad that he is a part of my life!

*I am thankful for our pets Bunny (the cat) and Allie (the guinea pig.) They are wonderful additions to our lives!

*I am thankful that we have enough food.

*I am thankful for this computer! It is a relatively new addition to my desk, and it definitely makes my life better. I waste so much less time.

*I am thankful for my girlfriend Diana who grows so much every week and makes me proud of her!

*I am thankful for my health. I can breathe! The worse of the sinus infection is over.