Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Long Time, No Post!

I can't believe that I haven't updated her in nearly a month! The kids have been up to so much that I could write pages and pages, but I will try to limit myself a little bit.

First of all, everyone has been drawing and drawing and drawing. Esme introduced JoAnn to a new style of drawing, and JoAnn took off running with it. Lia is always drawing. Antonio has been taking his art more seriously especially on the computer. Esme is the most serious artist though. She is always picking up drawing books to learn new techniques. She wants to do everything right while still retaining her own flair, and I must admit that the is excellent at it! Antonio has downloaded a mass of free trial subscriptions to several drawing programs, and Esme needs to explore it all! She has also been working a lot more with color both from colored pencils, chalk pastels, and markers. I would like to get her a paid subscription to DA which she really craves, and also to introduce her to painting. We shall see what the new year holds.

Antonio has discovered a place online where you can create online graphic novels. He has been using both his drawing and writing skills there a lot. He has always melded graphics and the written word, and having a place where he can easily connect anything online is wonderful!

Antonio has also been spending more time offline lately making inventions. One of his best was a heater made basically out of a card board box, black electrical tape, and a motor. He got the idea online, and it really works. It is a simple way to give his room a low cost boost of heat. Another one of his inventions was a wind turbine. Ant is fascinated with motors and basically anything mechanical. With the current energy crisis, he thought it would be fun to see if he could produce some free energy to run some of his motors, and the exciting thing was that he was successful!

The girls have been busy making furniture for their American girls dolls. The dolls seemed to fall by the wayside in their games for awhile, but now they are back in the forefront. Furniture has been constructed from cardboard, wood, stuffing, and cloth to keep the dolls living in style.

Jewelry making has been a nearly nonstop endeavor for awhile now. A week doesn't go by without someone sporting a new piece of jewelry that they have constructed. Beading and using wire are at the top of the list, but crocheting and knitting are still going on too. There are also more creative mixed media pieces.

Antonio loves watching the Power Block on Spike on Sunday mornings. He learns so much during those shows. I am usually next to him on my computer during that time period, and we have lots of good discussions about the things he sees. The girls pop in and out taking interest here and there too.

With the recent presidential election, all of the kids have had a big interest in the past presidents. This interest has expanded into doing online research and reading lots of biographies from the library. There have been many debates about which presidents were better than others. JoAnn has actually become sort of an expert on Abraham Lincoln. She has read numerous biographies about him and read source documents from the time period about him online.

I could go on, but I think I will save some for tomorrow...