Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What they do...

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately, and I have noticed that a lot of new unschoolers are listing activities that their kids are doing and then breaking them down into schooly sort of stuff. Some are doing it because they still see the world as broken up into subjects. Others are doing it because there state requires very specific records, and they are worried that they will forget too many things. Anyways...I thought I would do it today! Just for fun 'cause that is how I am!

What they did today...

Lia - attended Red Grammer concert (music, social studies, social skills), baked cookies (math, science, home economics), worked through problems with siblings (social skills), cared for pets (science, responsibility), watched Ever After (literature, listening, social studies), rollerbladed on edge of road (phys. ed., pedestrian safety), watched CSI (science, general problem solving), drawing (art), did laundry (home economics, math)

Josie - rested a lot because she is getting over a cold + discussion about cold (science, health), did a lot of cooking (science, math, home economics), read lots of The Moon by Night (literature), attended Red Grammar concert (music, social studies, social skills)

Esme - wrote blog posts (writing, typing), socialized through various forums and IM'ing on the internet (social skills, writing, typing, computer skills), drew and did graphic things in PSP on the computer (art, computer skills), decided what she would have for breakfast and lunch and prepared her food herself (home economics, health, decision making skills) , participated in PPGZ roleplay online (social skills, creativity) , listened to a wide assortment of music online (music)

Antonio - designed and built an 8 axis joystick type controller out of legos and a rubber band (math, engineering), took apart an old laptop and figured out what all the parts were and how they compare to parts in our laptop that we use now (engineering, math), build a microphone for Diana's computer out of things he found in his room (engineering), experimented with electricity and various parts (math, science), played bits and pieces of various video games (problem solving), vacuumed + did laundry (home economics), took care of pets (science, developing responsibility), discussed the development of computers and computer advancements and how it affects society (science, social studies)

Of course, everyday is different. Today JoAnn and Lia were somewhat ill and not doing as much as usual. It was Esme's computer day, and she wasn't sharing! It was very rainy. You get the idea...tomorrow will be a different day, but this one was good too! Oh! Also, I of course don't see everything that they do...so this isn't all of it!

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