Monday, September 8, 2008


Meals are a weird control issue for me. Food is the hardest thing for me to unschool. It was the last thing to go, and even now, I struggle with it regularly. See there have been times in both my childhood and my adult life that I have gone hungry. There were times in the past when my children went hungry. You would think then that I would want my kids to have a large assortment of food to choose from that they can eat whenever they want (the unschooling ideal.) In reality, I feel the need to be absolutely sure that we have all the food necessary every day for regular meals and snacks, and then to parcel in out in careful portions so that everyone has their needs met.

Note, I don't do this, but a part of me wants to!

When we lived at Kennedy Square, I use to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner nearly everyday and serve them at the table. By the time, I switched to unschooling food, the kids were pretty happy with the situation, and the unschooling mostly took the form of asking them if they wanted anything in particular when I went to the store and keeping things they could snack on around for when in between meal hunger struck.

Here things are feeling hard for me lately. I have been feeling that I don't have enough time for everything. Lately breakfast has been a free for all and sometimes lunch too. To be honest, more often than not lunch too. This leads to a messy kitchen and food confusion! I haven't even been writing weekly meal plans for dinner lately! Luckily I have the kind of mind that tends to organize things so I basically have the dinners planned in my head, and they have tended to be quick and easy, but it would be nice for the rest of the family to be able to see what I have in mind in advance.

I know that controlling all the food is the wrong way to go. Ideally, I'd like the kids to get their own breakfast and clean up after themselves. I'd like to have lunch and dinner planned in advance and make lunch for the family myself, and have the kids who are interested in making dinner (Josie and Lia definitely maybe Es, Ant isn't as interested in cooking as he use to be) make dinner and clean up after themselves. They have expressed interest in doing this, but it seems like so much work to get everything set up.

I just need to let go of my perfectionist ideals and let things flow more.

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Candy Cook said...

Just do it! Forget about the mess.. that's in the future. Just do what needs to be done, now. Get the kids in on meal planning for the week.. and cooking and cleaning up. I bought my boys their own dishes.. they must clean their dishes if they want to use them again. Or else, they just don't have anything to eat on. Oh well! Good luck!!