Thursday, August 7, 2008


I have so been neglecting this blog! What have I been up to? First of all, spending time outside before winter never know in our area! It could hit any day.

Second, spending time with the kids. They are all very busy with their own things and each other, but they still break off from time to time wanting to do things with me, or Diana and I am trying to be as open as possible!

Third, desperately trying to make money. Everyone in our family has been so busy trying to make enough money to get us through the summer! Our original intention was that Diana would have financial aid for grad school that would carry us through this time, but in reality, there were delays, and although she is now a full time student, her financial aid will not arrive until mid-September...probably at the same time that her first pay check arrives! Very annoying. But we are all pulling together and doing our best, and we just might make it. Here our some of our money making endeavors...

Faerie Garden Fancies - mostly Diana's art for sale in the form of jewelry, tiles, cupcake toppers, miniatures, etc - we all try to help with this though! New merchandise is posted nearly everyday, and Diana does custom things as well as custom shop banners/blog headers (absolutely gorgeous) too! Check out the end of summer sale!

Copper Clad Treasures - our vintage copper clad, cast iron, etc. kitchenware shop, most merchandise is copper clad jello molds but there are a few other pieces including an antique copper dipper that is available for only $20. I organize and price, Diana takes the pictures, and the kids help where they can. I have so many more things to post here...I am trying to post at least one new item a day!

Mermaid Summer - This cafepress shop was the brainchild of Esme. She did the beautiful watercolor that is the basis for our image, Diana edited it to fit on various products, and I helped with the business end of things. I did not expect this to be big money producer, mostly thinking it would be fun for Esme...but lo and behold, we have had a we shall see!

We are also selling some things on ebay. Seller name is bunnykissd if anyone wants to see what we have up there.

Last week, we had a several day garage sale. The kids were in charge of that!

We are selling some things locally through craigslist.

I have been writing for Associated Content. Check out my "table of contents" to see if I've written anything that you are interested in.

I don't know if we've done anything else to make money...oh...I do is about $20 a month but every bit helps. Sometimes one of the surveys is for the kids so they help there too. They also advertise everything we do. Esme is popular, lol!

Anyways, that is what I have been up to! Hopefully I will soon be back to a slower pace with more time to write here!

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