Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kids' Interests

Just a reminder to myself about what the kids are up to these days...

Lia: roleplaying Nicole, organizing big time!, hanging out with the grown-ups, cooking, playing beauty parlor with her American girl dolls, watching Clean House on TV, playing animals & Care Bears, playing with Allie the Guinea pig

Josie: reading just about anything she can get her hands on, websurfing to learn new things, roleplaying Paris, chores/being helpful, hanging out in the woods alone, cooking (starting to cook independently), playing animals and Care Bears, starting to play around with some of Ant's physics sites/programs, starting to do more drawing (has posted on Deviantart now!), actively working on learning to swim better and being more comfortable in deep water

Esme: playing Audition and Step Mania online, playing animals and Care Bears, connecting with online friends (has had 2 long phone calls with Allie), writing a lot!, drawing a lot!, entering online writing contests, reading some, taking interest in keeping her room clean and organized, interested in little kids and babies, gardening, trying out new hairstyles/fashions/make-up, forget-a-lot cosplay, participating in online roleplaying

Antonio: still loves playing with his physics sites and programs, playing Maplestory & Runescape especially with Devin and others he knows IRL, playing old favorites on the PS2, watching movies, playing guitar more especially with friends, biking, swimming/diving, cosplaying Shino, participating in online roleplaying groups, participating in online social networking sites, still likes playing with his legos, learning new things from online video/tv type shows, reading mangas & science type books, doing more drawing, lawncare, taking lots of more adult responsibility towards family and home

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Kali said...

I finally wandered over to your blog. Glad to see these posts. I love reading about your family. I'm what you'd call an unschooling adult. I've been working on undoing a lifetime of traditional schooling and am busy learning every day!