Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kids' Interests

Just a reminder to myself about what the kids are up to these days...

Lia: roleplaying Nicole, organizing big time!, hanging out with the grown-ups, cooking, playing beauty parlor with her American girl dolls, watching Clean House on TV, playing animals & Care Bears, playing with Allie the Guinea pig

Josie: reading just about anything she can get her hands on, websurfing to learn new things, roleplaying Paris, chores/being helpful, hanging out in the woods alone, cooking (starting to cook independently), playing animals and Care Bears, starting to play around with some of Ant's physics sites/programs, starting to do more drawing (has posted on Deviantart now!), actively working on learning to swim better and being more comfortable in deep water

Esme: playing Audition and Step Mania online, playing animals and Care Bears, connecting with online friends (has had 2 long phone calls with Allie), writing a lot!, drawing a lot!, entering online writing contests, reading some, taking interest in keeping her room clean and organized, interested in little kids and babies, gardening, trying out new hairstyles/fashions/make-up, forget-a-lot cosplay, participating in online roleplaying

Antonio: still loves playing with his physics sites and programs, playing Maplestory & Runescape especially with Devin and others he knows IRL, playing old favorites on the PS2, watching movies, playing guitar more especially with friends, biking, swimming/diving, cosplaying Shino, participating in online roleplaying groups, participating in online social networking sites, still likes playing with his legos, learning new things from online video/tv type shows, reading mangas & science type books, doing more drawing, lawncare, taking lots of more adult responsibility towards family and home

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Last night, we stayed late at Flat Rock and watched the sunset. Then Ant went to spend the night with Devin, and the girls stayed up all night in the livingroom and went outside to watch the sunrise. I got up at 7:30, and they were still up. They said the sunrise was beautiful! Josie and Es went to bed soon after that, but Lia stayed up with me a bit. We chatted online, she had some cereal, and then she helped me with a couple of chores. Now they are all asleep and will probably sleep 'til late this afternoon.