Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Family Fotoblog

For about the past month, Diana and I have been posting nearly daily photos in our new family fotoblog. You can check it out at Faerie Gardens Family Fotoblog.

I got the idea for the blog from an unschooling group I belong to. One of the members decided that she would rather be someone who didn't blog because she often felt compelled to think up interesting things to write and also both blogging and following others' blogs were taking up too much of her life energy. Then she heard about project 365, a blogging project in which participants take one photo each day for a year and post it. She thought that sounded like fun and along with her son created a blog to participate.

The project grew, and now there are over 30 families in the shine with unschooling project 365 blogring. Of course, we are all unschoolers so we don't follow the rules! Lots of people don't post everyday and that is perfectly fine. Lots of members post more than one picture and that is fine too. Because these are family blogs, anyone in the family can choose to take and post photos each day.

Participating is a lot of fun, and I have grown to love our blog. It is a low key way to keep us all looking at our life and celebrating the joy that is there!

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