Friday, June 6, 2008

Books - The Akhenaten Adventures

This series of books, about a pair of preteen twins, John and Phillipa, who discover they are djinn (genies) and need to adapt to a whole new society, new worldview, and new concepts of themselves while still dealing with all the trials and tribulations of those about to enter puberty, is written by P.B. Kerr (who wrote the Berlin Noir trilogy for adults as Philip Kerr as well as several other adult novels in the same genre.)

I recently finished the first three books in the series: The Akhenaten Adventure, The Blue Djinn of Babylon, and The Cobra King of Kathmandu. The books were good reads and interesting, introducing the djinn culture as well as introducing bits of the culture in Egypt, Iraq, and India. JoAnn has read the the first one (beat me to it), took a break to read a few other things, and is now reading the second. She really like them! At her recommendation, Es started the first one and has been reading it off and on for a couple of weeks.

I would recommend this series to kids that like series about fictional characters; magic, myth, & history; and preteens with magical abilities. It adds a new twist to the crop of Harry Potter wannabe reads out there, and you or your kids just might want to explore!

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