Friday, June 6, 2008

Absolutely Awesome Unschooling Goodness!

For awhile now, Ant has wanted to get his PS2 online. There were lots of difficulties in our way, but for a long time we kept plugging away at overcoming them. Then the desire seemed to sort of fade, overcome by other desires. I forgot all about it! I don't know if Ant thought about it much or not, but he was busy with new interests - drawing & blogging at Deviant Art, playing with Devon, bikeriding, cosplay, etc.

Today he was sitting here next to me at the PS2, and he screamed, "I'm online! I'm not quite sure how I did it...I wasn't even really trying...but I'm online!!!" He is so happy. He immediately spotted some people and started playing Tony Hawk American Wasteland with them. One of Ant's goals is to have more online friends, and he is so very happy right now!

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