Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What We Did Today

Today Antonio got his legos out. He made a gun, and he made a pole thingie that could pivot 360 degree and with a little modification, could be turned into a free turning turret. He also climbed a tree so high that I could hardly find him! Right now, he is playing Kingdom Hearts 2. He has been talkative and social. Everyday he wakes up and says, "I am not going to Devon's today." Then he ends up going! He knows he doesn't have to, but he gets bored and feels sorry for him.

Esme had the entire day on the computer except for her shower. She played Audition and is proud to have leveled up. She blogged a bit, and she went to all her forums. (American Girl and Care Bear forums.)

JoAnn has been having a bit of preteen moodiness. She played with Lia a lot though, and there were very few conflicts. They played Bratz this morning and shared their lunch with the dolls. This afternoon they spent outside playing animals and also went for a long walk. She helped me make dinner, and did some dishes and other chores.

Lia spent most of her day with JoAnn or me except for a little bit of rollerskating.

This evening, all of the kids celebrated Molly's birthday. (Molly is Antonio's American Girl doll.) They plan these celebrations complete with presents all the time. They are so creative! They also spent some time with Allie the Guinea pig, and Esme tidied up her cage.

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