Sunday, April 20, 2008


I have been giving a lot of thought to the direction that I see this blog going, and I think it is going in an unschooling direction.

Today I did a lot of chores. I did not require my kids to help with them. Sometimes this bothers Diana. I don't require her to help with them either. My reward is that when someone does happen it is with a bounce of positive energy that makes us all feel great.

When I was first hanging out the laundry last week, Lia and Josie helped me a lot, especially Lia! It was so much fun! Lately they have been busy with other things, and I started guilting them into helping. Today I made a commitment to myself to not go in that direction, to just suck up and do it myself. *I* am the one who wants to do so much laundry and catch it all up! Well, boy was I rewarded! Lia volunteered to help me a lot today. Sometimes when asked and sometimes just out of the blue! It was a lot more fun than yesterday.

I am tired now though so it is off to bed for me!

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