Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Library Finds

Somewhere, Can You Feel the Force by Richard Hammond was recommended to me. I no longer remember where, but when I first heard about it, I knew it was exactly the kind of book my son Antonio would enjoy browsing. Recently I picked up a copy at the Liverpool Library, and I was not disappointed. It is one of the DK books, chock full of info presented in an interesting as well as informative manner. The subtitle is Putting the Fizz Back into Physics, and although physics already fizzes in our house, this book was great!

When I got home from the library, I strew the book on the yellow table where the kids share the laptop along with the manga books that Antonio had chosen for himself. Later I saw Ant eating a snack in the yellow chair reading the book with interest. Ant is more a "get info from the internet" sort of person than "read a book sort of person." Any book that grabs his interest must be a winner.

Later that evening, the girls were all fighting over the book. The back cover of the book has questions that the book will answer, and they had read them and all wanted to be the first to search the book and find the answers. I let one of them take the book and helped the others find the answers online so no one would have to wait. All four of the kids have browsed this book at some time or another though.

If your kids are interesting in physics, engineering, or just how things work, they will love this book! If you don't think they are, they might just surprise you if this book is available for them to explore.

Another library winner was Three Minute Tales by Margaret Read MacDonald. Diana picked up this book because she thought the short stories might be good for filling time during her substitute teaching jobs. She hasn't had a chance to try it out yet because everyone here is so interested in it. The first day it was here the girls argued over this one too...and then Diana wanted it...and was fighting for it too! Unlike some other similar books I have seen, this one has really interesting stories. My daughters love them and talk about them after they read them asking each other if they have read it yet wanting to discuss and share. I would highly recommend this book too.

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