Monday, April 21, 2008

Antonio continues designing things with Rigid Chip. He has lots of good thoughts and thinks a lot about how he could improve products that already exist. Today has also spent some time working on a new turret game on gamemaker, and he played Audition A LOT! This afternoon he challenged Emma to an audition, and he held his own although he didn't win.

The laundry challenge just might be finishing up. I am seeing that there is an end! I sent JoAnn into her bedroom to get clothes, and she had trouble filling the basket. She says that that doesn't mean that there isn't any, just that it is harder to find.

The girls are enjoying having so much to choose from when they get dressed each day. I so want to pare down the clothing stash, but I don't want to diminish their joy.

Our new Guinea pig, Allie, seems to be adjusting well. Today I cleaned her cage with a little help from Es and Lia. I enjoy giving her plenty of tasty food. She is so vocal everytime she hears a plastic bag rattle. She knows it just might mean a treat is coming her way!

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